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Get Quality Garage Door Repair in Barrie 

Your garage door is the gateway to your property, be it residential, commercial or industrial space. But if you have a broken garage door, then A Plus Door Services can help. We offer quality garage door repair services in Barrie. A malfunctioned garage door is not only an invite for theft and vandalism but also an eyesore when people come to visit you at your place. We specialize in prompt and responsive repair services for your residential and commercial properties at an affordable price. With us, you can sit back and relax while our professionals work on your repair requirements and deliver the best. You can contact our team to get our services in emergency situations as we repair garage doors of all makes and models, including fixing broken springs, drums and cables. 

Our Services 

At A Plus Door Services, we can help you with a range of garage door repair services, including: 

  • Broken springs

  • Door cables

  • Damaged sections

  • Drums

  • Bottom rubber/retainers

  • Rollers

  • Hinges

  • Weather seals/brushes

You can depend on A Plus Door Services in Barrie for 24/7 service, whenever you need it. Call us today, and we'll set your garage door straight. 


Annual Preventative Maintenance Program

Residential or commercial garage doors are responsible for keeping your home and business safe. When the garage door breaks, it can cause hindrance in your privacy as well as can stop the production services at your commercial or industrial place. With doors being a vital component of your property, it’s crucial to keep your garage door system in good working condition- the best solution is to go for annual preventive maintenance services by A Plus Door Services in Barrie and surrounding areas. This program will give you peace of mind against unexpected breakdowns, ensuring your systems are operating safely and efficiently. The benefits include: 

  • It prolongs the life span of your garage door system. 
  • Prevents excessive wear and tear and unnecessary door replacements if damaged badly. 
  • Reduces repair instances and expenses. 
  • Minimizes downtime at your production site and maximizes productivity. 
  • Prevents worksite injuries. 


We’re a full-service garage door installation and repair service provider that routinely checks the maintenance of your door and provides you with comprehensive solutions. Reach out to our technicians for complete maintenance plans! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these issues sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, our technicians will help you out! 


  • Why Is My Garage Door so Loud? There are a variety of reasons your garage door is making noise, but the most common is irregular maintenance of garage door chains, pulleys, springs and other moving parts. Garage door parts become loose over time and require regular inspection. We recommend you should do the annual maintenance to ensure the performance of your garage door. For DIY, you can read out our tips and tricks to keep your garage door working. 


  • My Garage Door Opener Is Working but the Door Is Not Moving Properly. Why? There could be many factors responsible for your garage door not moving properly. First and foremost, we suggest you check your door is not set to manual. If it’s still not working then please contact us. Our team of professionals can help you out. 


  • What Should I Do, If My Garage Door Is Tilted at an Angle?  Your tilted angle of the garage door might be because of the broken cable due to regular wear and tear. We suggest you consult our experts for the replacement of the cables. 


  • I Accidentally Hit on My Door While Parking My Car, What Should I Do Now? A Plus Door Services is happy to offer help to replace your damaged or broken door. Make sure you get a quote for our repair services as well, which are more cost-effective.  


Get Your Garage Doors Repaired

At A Plus Door Services, our trained technicians offer same-day service to all the inquiries made.

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