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Heavy-duty Industrial Garage Doors in Barrie and Surrounding Areas

Industrial doors are the backbone of any industrial setup, providing robust access points that offer unparalleled protection against external elements and unauthorized entry. When securing your industrial space in Barrie and surrounding areas, trust A Plus Door Services to deliver top-notch overhead roll-up doors and quality industrial garage doors in Barrie and surrounding areas.


Our extensive range of heavy-duty products includes aluminum, insulated steel, and non-insulated steel doors, each designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our durable and reliable industrial door mechanisms ensure that your valuable materials, machinery, and possessions are safeguarded against any threat.

Industrial garage door

Industrial Garage Door Repairs 

Don't let a malfunctioning door slow your operations down. At A Plus Door Services, we are also proficient in the repair of industrial-grade overhead doors of most brands, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and securely. Additionally, we offer routine maintenance services to keep your industrial doors in top condition so your employees and personnel have uninterrupted access to your industrial facility.

Why Choose an Industrial Garage Door?

Industrial garage doors offer a multitude of benefits that make them a wise choice for your business. Some of them include:


Industrial garage doors made of strong metal provide a secure option for protecting your industrial site. Their durability makes them tough to break through, adding an extra layer of safety.

Quick operation

Industrial garage doors are easy to open and close, perfect for busy environments. This helps improve work efficiency by saving time.


Installing a single garage door can save you money in various ways. It acts as insulation, keeping heat or cold air inside, which reduces energy costs.

Protection from extreme weather conditions

Industrial garage doors protect against extreme weather conditions, keeping excessive heat or cold from entering your building's interiors.

Experienced in All Industrial Overhead Door Types

If you need quality overhead or rolling steel doors in Barrie and surrounding areas, rely on A Plus Door Services today. Our doors are designed for easy use and operate smoothly, ensuring hassle-free functionality. When you choose an industrial garage door from us, you can trust that your goods and materials are fully protected. Additionally, we offer emergency garage door services and repairs around the clock.


Whether you aim to improve your garage's thermal efficiency or streamline operations at your facility, reach out to us to explore industrial overhead door installation options.

Two storey house with two white garage doors

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

Keep your overhead doors and automated openers in safe working order with regular servicing.

Your Industrial Garage Door Needs Replacement?

Trust our team to help you out!

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