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Quality Industrial Garage Doors in Barrie

At A Plus Door Services in Barrie, our offering of heavy-duty, dependable products includes aluminum, insulated steel and non-insulated steel doors. We service, supply and install doors and operators from the following makes:

Industrial doors are durable and efficient access points that provide maximum protection against entry as well as the weather or other exterior conditions in an industrial set-up. When you need an overhead roll-up door and quality industrial garage doors in Barrie, you need a door from A Plus Door Services.


A durable and robust industrial garage door can ensure the safety and security of materials and possessions. Industrial units have vast stores of finished products, raw materials, and expensive machinery, among other valuable items. It is essential to secure these items with high-quality door mechanisms that are durable and functional.  

Industrial Garage Door Repairs 

Is your garage door giving you trouble? At A Plus Door Services, we can also provide you with preventive maintenance and repair services for all kinds of industrial garage doors. Call us to avail of quick and efficient repair services for your industrial garage doors. Our team is experienced in repairing and restoring all types of industrial doors. 
We also offer regular maintenance services for your industrial doors to ensure that your employees and personnel get unhindered access in and out of your premises. 

Why Choose an Industrial Garage Door?

An industrial garage door may appear simple, but it has a lot of advantages. Some of them include:

• Security: This is one of the safest options to secure your industrial site. As these doors are made of hard metal, it is durable and will be difficult to break through.
• Quick Operation: Industrial garage doors are easy to operate. This could be an ideal solution in a fast-paced environment. This can enhance the efficiency of your work.
• Cost-Efficient: By installing a single garage door, you will be able to save money in several ways. It acts as insulation and prevents hot or cold air from escaping and reduces your extra costs.
• Protection from Extreme Weather Conditions: These industrial garage doors act as a barrier and prevent excessive heat or cold from entering the interiors.

If you need quality industrial doors in Barrie, contact A Plus Door Services today. Our doors are easy to handle and smooth to operate. You can expect complete protection of all your goods and materials when you install an industrial garage door in Barrie from us. We also provide emergency garage door services and repairs at all hours of the day.

Whether you're looking to increase the thermal efficiency of your garage, or you want your facility to operate more smoothly, give us a call to discuss industrial overhead door installation.

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